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You are hereby invited to contact the Antitrust Authority in any case where you encounter an activity that raises suspicions of being in violation of the Restrictive Trade Practices Law or in any way harms competition in the Israeli economy (restrictive arrangements, abuse of monopolistic position, etc.). The public has an important role in drawing our attention to alleged violations of the Law - a role that has no replacement.

You are invited to assist us in cases that are already under the review of the Antitrust Authority, if you think you can contribute to our efforts. Your application is of great value both to advance cases you feel are not treated in the proper manner, and also for post-factum examination and review.

Generally, the more detailed your complaint  to us is, the better and faster it will be treated.

In order to help us process your complaint in the most efficient manner, please specify the type of activity and which market it refers to: merger, restrictive arrangement, monopoly, enforcement, or a complaint regarding a new restrictive trade

You are not required to provide your personal information, unless you are willing to. However, a non-anonymous application shall be treated, usually, more seriously.

Your personal information is important so we can reach you and answer your questions, or if clarifications or additional materials are required in order to comprehensively review of your complaint.

Your application and personal information shall be kept discrete. Your complaint will be forwarded to the relevant body in the Authority, unless otherwise requested by you.


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