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The Antitrust Authority attaches great importance to the establishment and reinforcement of the status of the State of Israel in the international sphere in the field of competition and dedicates great efforts to it. Participation in international forums dealing in competition and also working relations with fellow competition authorities worldwide allow us to participate in the leading debates in the field, become updated on an ongoing and direct basis about the innovations in law and policy in the field of competition and to avail ourselves of and consult with fellow authorities as the case may be. The main milestones in the Antitrust Authority's activity in the international sphere and a description of the main points of the activity during the past year are set out below.



On 7 September 2010 the State of Israel became a full member of the OECD Organization (the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development), and thus the Antitrust Authority also progressed from the status of observer to the status of a full member in the Competition Committee of the OECD Organization and the Committee's working groups on the subject of competition and regulation and on the subject of enforcement and international cooperation.

The OECD's Competition Committee is one of the most important bodies in the world of antitrust and cooperations in the fields of competition policy. The Antitrust Authority's activity in the Committee began as far back as 2001 when it had the status of observer, and since then representatives of the Antitrust Authority have been taking an active part in the discussions of the Committee, which meets twice a year, and permanently present working papers on varied subjects within the framework of the working groups and also annual reports. The Antitrust Authority also takes an active part in the Global Forum on Competition (GFC), which meets once a year within the framework of the OECD Competition Committee. In 2015 Israel's Antitrust Authority submitted a working paper and position documents to the discussions of the Competition Committee on these subjects: oligopolistic markets, private and public enforcement, market studies and presentation concerning the Food Law.

In addition, in 2015 the Antitrust Authority was included in the Biannual Economic Report published by the OECD. One of the most prominent frameworks of the OECD is the EDRC Committee (Economic Development Review Committee). The Committee individually examines the economy of members of the Organization and the partner countries (inter alia the BRICS countries) via a biannual survey report of each country that is submitted to it by the Secretariat when the final version of every report is a result of full consensus among the representatives of the countries at the Committee. Every report generally focuses on two main subjects. As aforesaid, in 2015 these were the fields of competition and pensions.



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