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Working Relation

The Antitrust Authority is a party to the 1999 Bilateral Cooperation Agreement with its parallel authorities in the United States (FTC and DOJ). As part of the implementation of the cooperation agreement, representatives from the Antitrust Authority participate in professional further education courses and training sessions at the competition authorities in the United States. The Authority has close working relations with the American authorities, and professional consultations take place regularly as necessary.

U.S. - Israel Cooperation Agreement Regarding the Application of Their Competition Laws

The Antitrust Authority also has close working relations with the European Union Commission and with the competition authorities in the Union member countries.

During 2015 representatives from the Investigations Department at the Authority participated in training sessions for Antitrust Authority employees in Kenya on the subject of performing investigation and enforcement activities. Following this, successful searches conducted by the Kenyan Authority were reported for the first time. Likewise, a representative on behalf of the Authority participated in the OECD training session for antitrust authorities in Eastern Europe. In addition thereto, at the request of the Antitrust Authority in Moldavia, through the mediation of the World Bank, the Authority advised in the establishment of a procedure for operating the computers investigations. The Investigations Department also assisted in drafting check lists for assisting in establishing the capabilities of the new authorities.

Likewise, in November 2015 the Antitrust Authority invited President Lasserre, Director of the French Competition Authority and Deputy Chairman of the ICN and a world expert in the field of competition, to give a lecture to the Authority's employees.